What is Pediatric e-Practice: Optimizing your Obesity Care?

This online based office was designed to help you prime your office for effective prevention, assessment and treatment of childhood overweight and obesity. The resources are organized to align with the workflow in your office and the associated tasks that align to each room. Each room contains a variety tools and resources informed by the expected context of that portion of a patient visit. These tools and resources have been developed and/or curated by AAP to support your practice and help integrate obesity screening, guidance, and counseling into your busy practice setting. Once you enter a room, you will be able to explore and download the tools available. We encourage you and your staff to explore the site and all that each room has to offer.

The initial design and development for the Pediatric e-Practice was supported by a grant from United Health Foundation

Basic Requirement

What are the browser requirements to use this site?

Following browsers supports this site:

Microsoft - Internet Explorer 8 and above
Mozilla - Firefox 11 and above
Apple - Safari 3 and 4
Google – Chrome

Popup should be allowed (Popup blocker should be disabled)

What are the User System requirements to use this site?

The system requirements to use this site are listed below.

Operating System: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP Service Pack 2
Intel® Pentium® III 450MHz or faster processor (or equivalent)
128MB of RAM
Mac OS
Operating System: Apple Mac OS X 10.4.8 or above
Intel Core™ Duo 1.83GHz or faster processor
128MB of RAM 

Silverlight Plug-in (Silverlight 4.0 or Above)

Moment a user tries to access the application (For the first time users), the plug-in would popup automatically (if the plug-in is not already installed)   The Silverlight plug-in is a very lightweight component that is necessary for users to access Silverlight applications. The browser plug-in approximately 6MB in size; it is client-side free software, with an easy and fast (less than 10 sec) one time installation available for any client side browser.

After plug-in is installed, users no longer need to install anything on their workstations to run Silverlight applications. The applications are available to them from whatever browser they are accessing.

Demo Tutorial

How do I find tools1?

Tools are organized by context so you can intuitively find what is needed for each portion of a visit. For example, in the measurement room, you can click on the scale to find information about taking accurate heights and weights  or click on the exam table in the exam room to learn about physical exam. Mouse over objects in the room – the hotspots that have tools and resources under them will illuminate, and you can click to open up a window where relevant titles and descriptions are displayed.  Click to launch a tool. You can also see the categories of tools listed under the room. Lastly if you would like to illuminate all the hot spots in a room click the small light bulb icon on the bottom left.  You can also search for tools like a traditional website, and you can bookmark your favorite tools to quickly return to them by clicking the star icon next to a tool name.

How do I move from room to room?

The Pediatric e-Practice Obesity Care office includes an examination room, front office, staff break room, measurement room, waiting room and practitioner’s office. When you enter the home page, you will be able to see all the rooms from a floor plan layout. Moving your cursor over the floor plan will highlight the different the rooms. Click on the room you want to enter. Once you have explored a room and are ready to move onto another, you can use the drop down menu at the bottom right of the room. Use the green arrow to see all the room titles. By clicking on a title, you will be transported to the room you have chosen. You can also use the Home button at the bottom of your screen to return to the home page which will show you all the rooms again.

How do I find/use a hotspot?

Once inside a room, you will be able to choose among many ‘hotspot” items throughout the room. You will know that an item is a “hotspot” when your cursor passes over the item and it lights up for you. Clicking on the hotspot will open access to links, documents or resources associated with that topic. You can also locate each hotspot within the room listed at the bottom right hand corner titled “Highlights On” section. Moving your cursor over the title of the hotspot will illuminate the corresponding item pictured within the room.

How to bookmark and where to find it?

Many of the tools and tips offered within the office rooms can be integrated into your everyday practice. To keep your favorite tools handy, you can choose to bookmark them and save them in your MyPage. Once you open a hotspot, the tools will be listed for you in a separate window. On the left of these tools will be a “Bookmark It” icon. By clicking this icon, your resource will be automatically stored into your MyPage. Next time you are trying to locate your favorite tool, you can go directly to your MyPage and find it there.

The initial design and development for the Pediatric e-Practice was supported by a grant from